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Using light and the lens of a camera, I am able to see truths in myself and the world.

My work is the creative and intuitive expression of unique points of view that explore perspective and emotion. By capturing transient moments in contemporary and traditional forms, I seek to connect with the truth that surrounds us in the world and give others the chance to connect with what is true for them. 

Stephanie is a New York City based fine art photographer, graphic designer, alternative healer, and innovator with a BA in Fine Arts from Boston College, a design thinking certificate from the Austin Center for Design,  a transpersonal psychology certificate from Delphi University, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. Whether capturing the movement of light, reflecting the essence of an emotion or a moment of stillness, or exploring the myriad expressions of space and time; her goal is to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary and share it with others through her work. 

Her love of all things visual and helping people solve their most challenging problems, either through alternative healing or innovation practices, drives her to help others heal the emotional and physical pain holding them back from living their best life. In doing so, they can uncover their deepest personal truths and create a life of possibility filled with new ideas about the world and themselves that welcome in joy.


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Contact Stephanie about buying or exhibiting or commissioning her art or graphic design services.


Spectrum Art Show (2021)

Brooklyn, NY

Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 17 pg. 77 (2019)

ARISE Art Show (2019)

Queens, NY


Senior Fine Arts Award, Boston College (2001)

1st Place, Design Management Institute (2015)


Boston College, BA (1997-2001)

Degree in Fine Arts and Sociology

Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government (2004-2006)

Masters in Public Policy

Gallery 104 (2019)

New York, NY

Austin Center for Design (2012-2013)

Design Thinking Practitioner

LIC Arts Open (2019)

Long Island City, NY

International Center for Photography (2019)

School for Visual Arts and

General Assembly (2013-2018)

Multiple graphic design classes

Plaxall Gallery (2018)

Long Island City, NY

Greenpoint Gallery (2018)

Brooklyn, NY

International Art Festival (2018)

Highline Loft Gallery, New York, NY

Space776 Gallery (2018)

Brooklyn, NY

Clio Art Fair  (2018)

New York, NY

Art of Intuitive Photography (2018)

Governors Island, New York, NY

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